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some are born to money and great educations. and others are born in terrible situations and have to fight to merely survive. the shot at success is not handed out equally at birth. perhaps it takes a mitt romney to believe otherwise. and to sell that to others. that's "hardball" for now. "the ed show" with ed shultz starts right now. welcome to "the ed show." thank you for joining us. we have breaking news off the top tonight. i think this may be one of the biggest turns of the campaign. today a recording of mitt romney at a private fundraiser has surfaced. it reveals his frank, candid opinion of nearly half of the american population. it was recorded without romney's knowledge. and it was provided to a magazine as well as nbc news's own michael iz calf.
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here's part of the tape.
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>> romney didn't know that was being recorded. he was speaking to donors. the romney as the governor has made clear all year he's concerned about the growing number of people who are dependent on the federal government including the record number of people on food stamps. nearly one in six americans in poverty and 23 million americans struggling to find work. mitt romney's plan creates 12 million new jobs in four years, grows the economy, and moves americans off of government dependency and into jobs. folks, this is an admission as far as mitt romney is concerned. there are two americas and he only cares about one of them. does mitt romney really think that people in this country want
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to be on medicare and want to be poor, want to be disabled, want to have assistance? is that really the path that he thinks that americans want to take? and most americans i believe tonight, especially liberals, will be offended by the comment. personal responsibility. personal responsibility. those of you in nursing homes, those in wheelchairs, those who depend on assistance by the government because we're a government of compassion, we have always been a country of compassion. but the republicans are putting up a candidate who wants to wipe away that because we want to privatize everything. the obama campaign has also responded. it's shocking that a candidate for president of the united states would go behind closed doors and declare to a group of wealthy donors that half the american people view themselves as victims sbientitled to hando
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and are unwilling to take personal responsibility for their own lives. it's hard to serve as president for all americans when i have disdainfully written off half of the nation. that's exactly what mitt romney has done here with this statement behind closed doors. for months on this program, i have asked, will the real mitt romney stand up? we saw the real mitt romney. he did behind closed doors. he doesn't give a damn about those who needs assistance in this country and that we are a society, we are a country of compassion. we want to help people who are downtrodden. we want to help those who were dealt a tough deck of cards, whether it be in the economy, or whether it be health care, as of no fault of their own, or circumstances put on families that are totally out of their control. mitt romney wants to do away with those. he views those people as basically road kill. he's not going to communicate to
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them and he's not going to offer up a better plan to make their lives better. he just says they should be personally responsible for who they are and where they are in america. i think that this is a blow for the republican party. it's a low for the conservative movement. if it's all about the money and if it's all about privatization, then truly this country will change if this man is elected president of the united states. get your cell phones out. i want to know what you think. is this video proof of what mitt romney really believes about the poor in this country? text "aq for yes and "b" for no. you can always go to our blog. we'll bring you results later on in the show. earlier in an interview with george stephanopoulos, he made the comment about the middle class being around $250,000 in income. this man has no clue where
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america is. he hasn't walked the walk with any american who has struggled whatsoever. he was born with not only a silver spoon in his mouth, but a silver foot as well. joining me now is former ohio governor ted strickland, co-chair for the obama 2012 campai campaign. great to have you with us tonight. this is clearly a shot over the bow when it comes to class warfare. that he's willing to pick and choose americans as to who he is going to serve if he's president of the yiet. that's how i view this. your take? >> these are the most despicable words that i have ever heard come out of a candidate's mouth. i think this should disqualify him of ever being the president of our country. 47% of us, he says, really don't count. we're free loaders, we consider ourselves victims. think about this. 47% of the people who voted for barack obama, that's who he's
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talking about, some of those people are serving us in afghanistan right now, risking their lives for mitt romney, for me, for you, for all americans. but apparently he considers them to be freeloaders. perhaps that's why he didn't bother to mention their sacrifice at the republican convention. this statement really, really, really shows his character and he's got a major character flaw. anyone who would talk about 47% of americans with the kind of disdain that he used with his words simply -- i mean, why does he want to be the president of america? how can he possibly pull us together if he at the get go has said that 47% of us are unworthy. >> it's a snapshot quickly of what we have suspected of mitt romney all along. i think this is the key part in
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his comment. he says, my job is not to worry about those people. i'll never convince them that they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives. this is a damning comment by a candidate who seems to have no concept of what people are going through in this country. it's almost as if i don't give a damn about them. i just got to get 10% of the the independents and we're going to be okay and get the kind of country we want. >> it's so sad. this man, who was born into wealth, who's never had to worry about whether his family had access to health care, whether his kids could afford to go to college, he's never had an economic worry in his life. yet he can speak with such disdain, almost in a mocking way, about 47% of americans. and i would just ask the independents who may be watching, please watch this complete video and then ask yourselves, is this the kind of
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man that we want to be the president of our country? this should disqualify mitt romney from the presidency. and i believe if more and more americans see this, they will reach that conclusion as well. >> former governor of ohio, ted strickland, thank you for your time. let's turn now to e.j.dionne. i want to play this tape one more time. let's take a look and talk about it afterwards. here it is.
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>> e.j., the comment, they believe they are victims. what do you think about that? >> i thought the whole thing was astonishing because the implication is that anyone who ever gets help from the
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government is dependent and a victim. by the way, i did the math. romney has set a daunting standard for himself. if he's right, that 47% is ruled out for him, that means he needs 94.5% of that 53% to win the election. so it's a very odd standard. but let's analyze, who is he talking about here? seniors on medicare and social security, well they depend upon the government. are they part of that class? what about people on veterans benefits? what about students who want to work hard in their lives and get student loans to go to college. what about low-income people who get help for their children? are all these people lazy? no. >> all of those things you're mentioning, this is an endorsement of the ryan plan. this sound byte that we have gotten from mitt romney behind closed doors is a full throttle
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endorsement of the ryan plan. this is where they want to go. they are willing to have people in our society fall by the wayside. >> the suggestion is that somehow our country, the richest country in the world, a very hard-working country. we have short vacation times compared to a lot of the other wealthy countries. this is a hard-working country. to imply that somehow half of us are dependent is a real problem. the other is the definition on taxes. he mentions income taxes. that does that mean sales taxes, property taxes, are they dependent because they don't pay income tax? it does raise an unfortunate set of questions for him tomorrow. he paid, according to one tax return, 13% of his income. that's a lot less than upper middle class people, lawyers, doctors, pay because the government favors capital over labor. does that make capital dependent on government?
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i hope he's asked about it. >> this is how it's going to play on the right wing, i believe. they have started praising his rema remarks. romney was on message according to some. in some strange way, could this help romney with his base? >> i don't know. i think the folks who are going to respond positively it to this were already voting against president obama. few people will turn out. but i just don't see how this statement helps him. there's so many people he is putting in that dependent category who think of themselves as hardworking republicans. so i don't see how this helps. >> social security, medicare, i don't think he was talking about that. i think he was talking about medicaid. no fault of their own, the elderly don't want to be there. no one wants to be in poor circumstances. is he talking about unemployment benefits as well?
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i think this is a definition that we have heard in the past of two americas and he doesn't want to care about a portion of our society, which i find absolutely amazing. >> i do too. but to get to 47% of all of us, you've got to get up into the middle class. so he's talking about a vast swath of people. it's not even just the poorest people in our society. and i agree, the implication that a lot of these folks don't want to work. a lot of them do work and need extra help from government just to put food on the table for the kids. >> not that the obama campaign needed a game changer, but let's call this a major eye opener. if you weren't following the campaign, they found out tonight. e.j., thank you for joining us. remember to answer tonight's question at the bottom of the screen. share your thoughts on twitter
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and facebook. we want to know what you think. 50 days until the election and the romney campaign is scrambling to change course. what is happening to the romney campaign? can they recover? that's next. stay with us. i describe myself as a mother, a writer and a performer. i'm also a survivor of ovarian and uterine cancers. i even wrote a play about that. my symptoms were a pain in my abdomen and periods that were heavier and longer than usual for me.
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coming up, two months until the election day. the republican campaign tries to change course. president obama gets tough on china. i'll ask tim ryan why the president's action to fight unfair trading practices would mean for jobs around the country. share your thoughts with us on facebook. lots to talk about tonight and on twitter using the #edshow. everyone in the nicu, all the nurses wanted to watch him when he was there 118 days.
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welcome back to "the ed show." we're 50 days from the presidential election. mitt romney is paying the price. romney is now the leader of the republican party that has spent the last four years doing what? trying to destroy president obama instead of creating a positive vision for the middle class in this country. they have badly missed the mark. today the romney campaign did something we rarely see in presidential campaigns. they held a press conference call in response to an article portraying its campaign in a free fal. the politico piece says romney's convention stumbles have weeks of public griping and internal sniping about not only romney but also his chief strategist. in other words, mr. fix it can't
5:20 pm
seem to run a campaign. so today romney's campaign strategists announced a shift in strategy. their new man tra will be "status quo versus change." it will include more specifics on policy. let's take a look at here's what mitt romney's brand new ad says. >> my plan is to help the middle class. trade has to work for america. that means crackdown on cheaters like china and open up new markets. next, we have to balance the budget. you have to cut the deficit. we have to stop spending more money than we take in. and finally, champion small business. have tax policies, regulations and health care policies that help small business. we put those in place, we'll add 12 million new jobs in four years. >> real good generic pab lumbar. after paying lip service to the middle class, romney talks about trade, the deficit, small business. offers no specifics because his
5:21 pm
campaign has no message for the middle class in this country. mitt romney doesn't even understand what the middle class is all about. here's romney in a recent interview. watch this. >> middle class is $200,000 or less. don't raise taxes on middle income people. lower them. >> middle class is between $200,000 and $250,000 a year? he's so out of touch he believes that. the republican party has done nothing to appeal to the middle class in this country. the largest voting bloc in this country has been i guegnored ins campaign season by the republicans across the board. on the question who is better in advancing issues of the middle class, president obama holds a 15-point advantage. other polls show a similar result. now the republican party is trying to basically reinvent themselves politically.
5:22 pm
trying to pretend they offer something to the middle class. but this is after four years of rooting against president obama and trying to block every single thing he's offered for the middle class and workers in this country. it's like i akuwaited to a sports fan. they root against the other team. let's turn to chris capinis. game changer, i know that phrase is thrown around a lot. but this is something that this tape could really dog the them to election day and be a problem for them. how do they get around it? >> well, i'm not sure they can. especially not with this team. here's the problem with this tape. it's not that it's shocking in terms of what he said because it's what he's already said. what it does is reenforce this
5:23 pm
narrative that he doesn't really grasp what this election is really about. if you look at the two campaigns and look at the messages, you have an obama campaign focused like a laser only middle class. they are addressing concerns. and you have a romney campaign who doesn't have any vision or idea how to address those middle class concerns. then when you see them behind cloetzed doors, has disdain for anyone who is either struggling or in the middle class. just a bizarre logic to why you're running for president. >> chris, doesn't this put the republicans in the romney campaign in a position? their only move is to embrace this. they can't -- this is their only move. to go hard right, big time, as best they can. we have a story about the voter values conference. what other choice do they have here?
5:24 pm
>> none. you raised an important point in the last segment about how does this play with his base and the right wing. i actually think to your point, i think it helps him with the right wing and the base. >> which is what they have been starving for. >> it says to them, he is a right wing republican. but where it hurts him is those voters that are going to decide this election. the moderates, independents, undecideds, for those who will look at this kind of coldness he has to real people and to struggling people and that just turned off voters. people don't elect resumes. they elect human beings. >> does romney come out and talk about this tape? i want to go back, if i may. president obama has been down this road too. in april of 2008, president obama was also recorded at a fundraiser where he was talking about how folks sometimes cling to their guns and their bible.
5:25 pm
of course, that was an issue for some weeks that the right wing jumped all over. the president had to explain it. do you think mitt romney has to explain this tape? >> i think he's going to have to address it because the media is not going to let this one go. there's a feeding frenzy. you see the story about the campaign in disarray, the convention in disarray, the olympics gaffe -- >> you believe all that? >> that the campaign is in disarray? >> yeah. >> absolutely. if you look at where this campaign is, they have figured out how to make their candidate look worse. that is an accomplishment when it comes to mitt romney, in a lot of ways, but smart campaign teams look their candidates look better. they have done the opposite. what they have had a difficult time is he does it to himself. and that is the real difference between him and let's say president obama who is a very strong and good candidate. >> it's interesting that he used the word victims. this is a guy who had a business
5:26 pm
model to ship jobs overseas. did he feel like he was victimizing any of those families that he was taking their jobs away from them because he was in a position to take retirement, blow up debt, and shut down a company and ship the jobs overseas? his vocabulary parallels in many instances. it just pours right off him. i think the guy is totally out of touch. chris, thank you for joining us on "the ed show." next, republicans have spent decades promising tax cuts can fix the economy. tonight there's new research that shows us exactly why the republicans have been wrong for so long. we will do the math when we come back. stay with us. copd makes it hard to breathe,
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welcome back to "the ed show." this has been one of the republicans favorite narratives for the past two decades. you know, in the radio business it's like that dj that gets a new time slot and really wants to make it work so we'll play the hits. pick the hot song and play it and people are probably going to like you. when you have a new republican out on the stump trying to get elected, they have to do the same thing. here are the republicans greatest hits on tax cuts.
5:31 pm
>> read my lips. no new taxes. >> if you raise taxes, you're taking money out of the pockets of consumers. >> my lowering everyone's tax rates up the income scale, each of us will have a greater incentive to climb higher, to help america grow. >> i don't want to raise taxes on anybody. i want to make sure we make america an attractive place for growing the economy and creating jobs. >> they are taking money from small businesses and families and spending it. that doesn't work. it's bad economics. >> actually, it looks like paul ryan's economics are wrong. a nonpartisan arm of congress tested the republican theory that cutting taxes grows the economy. they released the findings today. it's not good for mitt romney. take a look. george w. bush went back on his promise and raised taxes back in 1990.
5:32 pm
three years later, president clinton raised the top marginal tax rate, look what happened. the gdp growth went up for five years. in fact, it skyrocketed. growth peaked in the first quarter of the year 2000. that's when george w. bush goes back to their old hit song "cut taxes." and look what happened. growth plum ets and the bush tax cuts got deeper in 2003 and the economy went off the deep end. you can't deny it. but this is romney's new plan. he wants to reduce taxes even more than president bush did. and this research out today shows that romney and republicans got it all wrong. they have been wrong for 20 years, cutting taxes is not going to help the economy and it might even hurt the economy. "the new york times" asked so-called budget expert paul ryan about this research on tax cuts. the reporter even showed ryan a
5:33 pm
similar chart that i'm showing you tonight. ryan said, some of this is just the timing, not the person. really? the person and the policy don't count? you better believe they do. ryan thinks what this chart shows is a coincidence, but the man who was in charge of this economic success says this. >> it's arithmetic. we simply cannot afford to give the reigns of government to someone who will double down on trickle down. >> and here's one more interesting fact in this research today. the republican tax cuts aren't fair. people who make $1 million or more per year got a 7% tax break when george bush's tax breaks kicked in. middle class americans got less than half of that. let's turn to david k. johnson, author of "the fine print."
5:34 pm
great to have you with us. will it help the economy if mitt romney cuts more taxes? because that's what he's out there say iing. he wants to cut more taxes. bottom line, americans want to know, is it going to help the economy if he does? >> the evidence sit 1945 is no, it will hurt the economy. especially in recent years. what this study shows, ed, is that the top tiny group, the top 1 in 1,000 americans, they got this much income. now they get this much. it's redistributing income upwards and it's not helping the vast majority of americans at all. >> i want to play this tape of mitt romney one more time. i'll remind our viewers that this was provided to "mother jones magazine." it was recorded at a fundraiser and mitt romney didn't know he was being recorded. here it is.
5:35 pm
5:36 pm
>> david, what about the 47% that mr. romney throws out there that don't pay federal taxes. he throws that out there as if these people are the ones who are screwing the country. >> first of all, it's only for two years that's true. it's going to fall back into the 30s. if it weren't for the republicans passing the child tax credit, it would fall back to the low 30s. but the majority of people who fall in this category of not paying federal income taxes are either elderly, which means they probably worked their whole lives and are now retired and romney is saying they are not workers, or they are workers who make less than 20,000 a year, which tells you these are people who have crummy jobs at crummy wages. that's who he is insulting. people working at low wages, or those who worked their whole
5:37 pm
life and are retiring. >> how important is it for the american people to grasp that a tax cut isn't always the best thing for the economy? i mean, i think most americans believe, gosh, if we cut taxes we'll have a better economy because more people will have more money to spend. clearly it doesn't turn out that way. >> in my new book that comes out tomorrow, there's a chapter about how in my neighborhood we voted to raise taxes. for every extra dollar, i have more cash in anymy pocket. my book explains why. paying higher taxes can sometimes makes you better off if it buys things in a group fashion and lowers some service or good you need. >> looking forward to reading it. david, thank you for being on "the ed show." coming up, mitt romney has the nerve to attack president obama for being too soft on china? does this guy follow the news? the president fights back with
5:38 pm
the facts and announces a new trade case against china. tim ryan will weigh in on this and tell us exactly what it means and what the obama administration has done with china in the past. we're right back. jack, you're a little boring. boring. boring. [ jack ] after lauren broke up with me,
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welcome back to "the ed show." president obama continues to get tough on china over unfair trade practices. this cuts right to the fabric of the middle class. at a cincinnati rally earlier today, the president announced his administration filed yet another trade case against beijing. >> today my administration is launching a new action against china. this one against illegal subsidies that encourage companies to ship auto parts jobs overseas and we're going to stop it. it is not right. it's against the rules and we will not let it stand. >> the case accuses china of providing $1 billion worth of illegal subsidies for auto parts
5:42 pm
it exports. these subsidies caused two major problems here in the united states. they flood the american market with cheap chinese auto parts and also encourage the outsourcing of american manufacturing jobs to china. by doing this, china is putting american jobs at risk and it's exactly what president obama is trying to stop. meanwhile, mitt romney desperate, is trying to make the president look soft on china. they put out this commercial last week. >> seven times obama could have stopped china's cheating. seven times, he refused. >> it's time to stand up to the cheaters and make sure we protect jobs for the american people. >> barack obama, failing to stop cheating. >> romney's commercial is absolutely full of holes. president obama made that clear earlier today. >> we've brought more trade cases against china in one term than the previous administration
5:43 pm
did in two. and every case we brought that's been decided, we won. >> where are the fact checkers? president obama has done a number of things to crack down on china and mitt romney hasn't always agreed with them. >> when romney said stopping unfair surges in chinese tires would be bad for america, bad for our workers, we ignored his advice and we got over 1,000 americans back to work. >> and in 2009 president obama put a tax on choinese tires, putting 1,000 americans back to work in his. in his book, he slammed president obama for that move calling it, decidely bad for the nation and our workers. romney's record on china is clear. while at bain capital, he profited off companies shipping jobs to china.
5:44 pm
according to ""the boston globe"" invests are in chinese manufacturing companies that profit from unfair trade practic practices. you got the facts. now you can decide. for more, let's turn to congressman tim ryan of ohio. great to have you with us tonight. these simply are the facts. what do you make of romney attacking the president for being too soft on china? >> i got to tell you, it's actually laughable. having been on the ground the last few years through the obama administration, watching what he did with tires, that tariff created jobs in northwest ohio, just south o'toledo. he also put tariffs on steel tubing and that tariff that he put on led to almost a $700 million steel mill being created here in youngstown, ohio. for anyone who wants to look at it, i'm listening. i'm going to take a picture tomorrow that with the help of
5:45 pm
obama's tariffs is located here. i will tweet it so everybody can see what obama's policies have done for ohio. >> how dangerous are the subsidies that china is giving to its auto sector? could it slow down the momentum of what we have seen in your state of ohio and in michigan when it comes to auto manufacturing and all the domino effect it has on the different industries that come together to make automobiles work in this country. >> absolute luly. one in every eight jobs in ohio is directly or indirectly related to the automobile industry. we have a plan here. that's just scratching the surface here in youngstown. you go down the supply chain, you have the seats, the logistics -- >> aren't the chinese countering this with the subsidies? >> absolutely. absolutely. it's been damaging to the
5:46 pm
economy now not just in ohio, but they are cheating. that's what they are doing. they are subsidizing automobile parts to come into america and undercut the american companies. a lot of them are small companies. they are in the auto supply chien chain. they supported communities for a long time. these are the small business people that mitt romney talks about. if his book would have come out a couple months later, he would have been against the steel tubing tariffs the president put on. this is damaging. the president is moving in the right direction. on top of this straight auto jobs from the auto companies, he's now protecting the parts supplier. it's a no brainer if you're a small business manufacturer who you should vote for. >> i have to ask about the tape of mitt romney behind closed doors. your thoughts on his comments and what he said? >> i tell you, you get mad, but
5:47 pm
i think it's sad. it's sad that a candidate for a major party in america, running for president is so insensitive and so disconnected to what average families are going through. those are medicaid recipients. those are people that have kids with downs syndrome. >> what does it tell you about his character and who he really is? >> he's not one o of us. he's disconnected from reality. he doesn't connect to the average person because these are the struggles and programs that average people rely upon in ohio and america. it's coldhearted. there's no other way to say it than he's disconnected and he's coldhearted. it's sad that there's a room full of people that have been so successful and nobody in that room thought that, you know, this maybe is a little insensitive and there are some people that may need some help here. >> it's class warfare, no question about it. very insensitive.
5:48 pm
tim ryan, great to have you with us on "the ed show." paul ryan embraces the radical ideology over the weekend. the reverend barry lynn will weigh in on that. stay with us. you can't argue with nutrition you can see. great grains. great grains cereal starts whole and stays whole. see the seam? more processed flakes look nothing like natural grains. i'm eating what i know is better nutrition. mmmm. great grains. search great grains and see for yourself. monarch of marketing analysis. with the ability to improve roi through seo all by cob. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle... and go. you can even take a full-size or above, and still pay the mid-size price. i'm going b-i-g. [ male announcer ] good choice business pro. good choice. go national. go like a pro.
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in our survey, i asked is the video of mitt romney speaking about the poor at a fundraiser proof of what he really believes about the poor in this country? 98% say yes. coming up, rick santorum admits the truth. voters aren't concerned with the facts. all energy development comes with some risk,
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in the big finish tonight, it was a gather of right wingers and one former terrorist. the voter summit was held over the weekend. the event is run by the family research council, an organization recently labeled as a hate group by the southern law center for its anti-gay ideology. and the republican presidential ticket warmly embraced it.
5:56 pm
they got paul ryan in the flesh. ryan called romney a defender of marriage and hit the president on abortion by pedaling the same old lies. other speakers included michele bachmann, bob mcdonald of virginia, and rick santorum. santorum pointed out, with pride i might add, that a true values voter never lets facts or information e get in the way of their gut instincts. >> we'll never have the media on our side, ever in this country. we will never have the elite, smart people on our side because they believe they should have the power to tell you what to do. >> right wing pundit gary bower riled up the crowd urging them to get out and vote. >> there will be a lot of people to vote for the president. there's a lot of people around america who depend on checks
5:57 pm
from their fellow taxpayers being in the mailbox every day. they will turn out in massive numbers. my prediction is after all the votes are counted, even the dead votes of democrats in chicago, detroit and cleveland, i predict that we will win. that this national nightmare will be over. >> let's turn to barry lynn, executive director of americans united for separation of church and state, who obviously was at that conference as an observer, not a participant, i might add. what does this tell us about the republican ticket that they proudly embrace this kind of talk? >> they are absolutely desperate. there's no question that what they need now is to convince evangelical christians that even if mitt romney isn't really a christian, he's christian enough to vote for over president obama. i wrote in "the washington post"
5:58 pm
last winter when push comes to shove, this election is going to come down not just to the economy, but to religion. what we heard was speaker after speaker and workshop after workshop is how do we bring these hot button social issues, put them front and center so the core conservative voters will know who to vote for. they are desperate. >> is it true they help clinics to explain to people at the pulpit on sunday and how to maneuver around the tax laws in this country to make sure to get their political message across? >> absolutely. there was a speaker at one of the workshops who said, you should defy the irs. violate the tax code that prohibits churches and other charities from endorsing a candidate, using those church dollars. just ignore the law. just do it any way. let them come and get you. in each and every way, they want to get voter turnout whether
5:59 pm
it's legal or illegal because they know that they've got to get this core of red meat conservative right wingers out to the polls or it's all over. >> we saw paul ryan really turn to the right over the weekend. would you agree with that? >> there's no doubt about it. paul ryan went out there, talked about abortion as if it was the single most important issue. for that crowd, it certainly is because they stand up and applaud wildly every time he says anything about it. he doesn't care to talk about the poor. he doesn't care to talk about how to help public schools. it's all privatize, religionize and get with the program. their message said god wants you to vote for romney. >> i have to ask you about the tape that we played a number of times on this program tonight about mitt romney where he said behind closed doors, my job is not to worry about those people. i'll never

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